The Humble Beginnings

Sublime BTC is one of a group of websites designed and built by Goldiers LLC. Golders is a US version of our original company Golden Books Group LTD which was founded in 1991 in Whitstable, Kent in the UK.

The original business was selling old books and antiques from five shops. In 1999 we moved the business to Devon in the South West of England (UK) and started selling online. This was the early days in the UK for online selling. We initially did well on Ebay selling prints, maps and books but later branched out to exhibit in the UK and USA.

Times of Rapid Growth

The workforce had risen to 6 full time employees by 2007 and it was then decided to specialize. The company then started working from our farm in North Devon where we made old leather book libraries. The libraries were then sold to individuals, companies and major institutions. The Golden Books Group continued to expand and targeted the USA for it’s growth.

In 2012 the business was sold off due to health reasons of the owner.

Present Times

In 2016 the business started again in Tucson, Arizona where it continues to this day. Currently the business has five active websites. This includes a free online dating, news website, e-commerce retailer an a Get Paid To website.